Sarah Carmichael

Living Group

By Cat Gibbs

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (Nov. 21, 2021) – Sarah Carmichael is the senior account manager at Living Group. Living Group is a global branding agency that specializes in the financial, professional services and technology sectors. Living Group spans over three locations, New York City, London and Hong Kong; Carmichael is based at the New York City office.

Carmichael’s day-to day-role with Living Group entails working as a client liaison, and she spends a great amount of time growing the New York office — which currently has the most clients. Carmichael deals with all things client facing, whether that is writing up estimates, ensuring project delivery or managing everything needed for a campaign.

“Coming out of school, I realized that traditional public relations was not really what I wanted to do,” Carmichael said. “The first place I went, I started a digital PR department, really focusing on social media.”

After her time at UA, Carmichael moved to Washington, D.C., where she noted she learned the most through an agency called CRAFT. While at CRAFT, she was an account executive and moved up to an account manager.

“I would say my biggest professional developments and accomplishments are now,” Carmichael said. She reiterates that Living Group has provided her with many opportunities and is glad to be able to facilitate growth within her clients by pushing them out of their boundaries and getting them to do more things.

During her time at UA, Carmichael was the chapter president of Alpha Phi, as well as a member of The Order of Omega Honor Society, which is an honor society for members of Greek organizations. She also was very involved with UA Panhellenic in general.

“The PR program was pretty grueling at UA. They prepare you for taking any spectrum of a job within the industry,” Carmichael said. “They give you all the tools for your toolbox in order to take on any job role.”

Carmichael’s best advice for current A+PR students is to “hone in on the things that you are interested in because what helps you get a job is if you have a specialty that you are passionate about, it helps you stand out.”

Carmichael is enjoying her role at Living Group and looks forward to continuing to grow its New York office.