Kaitlin Jarvis

Brandware Public Relations

Kaitlin Jarvis is a senior account executive making a huge impact in the automotive industry at Brandware Public Relations. Brandware is a boutique agency that specializes in digital communications, and Jarvis joined the team as an account executive in 2016. Since then, Brandware has helped Jarvis set, meet and achieve her professional goals on a quarterly basis. For Jarvis, the best part of her job is being able to work with inspiring people and being able to inspire in return.

“The work I do is creative and powerful only because the people I work with and work for are truly incredible and inspirational,” Jarvis said. “[Brandware] doesn’t limit people based on their experience or job title … we give everyone the chance to take their seat at the table and contribute.”

During her time at the UA, Jarvis participated in and served on leadership teams for the Public Relations Student Society of America and Capstone Agency. Jarvis also completed a summer internship with Ketchum, and she was granted the opportunity to remotely continue her internship into the next school year. With the help of her mentor and advisor, professor Meg Lamme, Jarvis was able to thrive in her undergraduate career and excel in and out of the classroom. Jarvis is proud of the academic choices she made at UA but would do some things differently if afforded the opportunity.

Jarvis chose to minor in English but stated if she could redo her undergraduate experience, she would double minor in English and business. Jarvis emphasized that having business knowledge is just as important to public relations as writing. Jarvis also said she would have joined a club outside of the advertising and public relations department, because “relationships are key to life, and it’s not always going to be someone in your wheelhouse that you need to know.”

In the future, Jarvis hopes to remain in a career full of challenges and opportunities no matter what her professional title is or where she works.

“I hope my career always involves a challenge — whether that means being a public relations professional in a new industry or switching from working in an agency to working in government or getting my Ph.D.,” Jarvis said. “I hope that I never get complacent in my career and that I constantly seek opportunities to be better.”

By: Shanna Wallace