After completing his M.A. and doctoral degrees in public relations at The University of Alabama, Dr. Coy Callison accepted a job offer back home in West Texas. Currently serving as the associate dean for graduate studies in the College of Media and Communication at Texas Tech, Callison spends his time teaching classes, conducting research and mentoring students.

In this role, Callison never spends one day the same way, as he is required to wear several different hats. He teaches PR classes and conducts research about strategic communication. Beyond his work in the classroom, Callison uses his knowledge of the industry to promote the Texas Tech graduate programs from a business perspective.

When reflecting on his experience at UA, Callison said, “I think I sometimes spent too much effort  on getting good grades and not enough on learning. You can get straight A’s and not retain or learn as much as the grade indicates.”

Callison credits his time at UA for teaching him everything he needed to know to be a professor. Not only did he learn the course content that he would later teach and use in research and consulting, but he also was able to learn from the instructional styles of the faculty he studied under. More specifically, Callison referenced APR professors like Dr. Joseph Phelps, Dr. Bill Gonzenbach and Dr. Yorgo Pasadeos, who always made time for him as a student.

With a long-standing record of career accomplishments, Callison is dedicated to learn something new every day that makes him a better teacher, researcher and administrator. Once he has completed his time at Texas Tech, he can see himself pursuing consulting opportunities to help clients solve real-world problems.


By Alana Doyle