UA’s football team isn’t the only group winning: UA’s student run PR firm wins Agency of Record

Through a widespread selection process, UA’s Capstone Agency became the Public Relations Student Society of America’s “Agency of Record.” What does this mean? Capstone Agency (CA) was chosen to represent PRSSA over every other student run PR firm in the nation.


PRSSA is now the eighteenth client to be partnered with CA. PRSSA is an international, pre-professional public relations organization which serves more than 300 different chapters of  students. CA is thrilled for the honor and opportunity to work with such a prestigious  organization.


Along with this recognition, CA was recently awarded Best Campaign and Best Tactic for two current clients, The Plank Center and LTUT, this past weekend at the PRSSA National Conference.


CA embodies professionalism through six diverse departments: public relations, media relations, creative, digital, insights and account services. Over 150 students on campus are members of CA, giving them the opportunity to immerse themselves in the communications industry. CA helps students develop a skillset that is impressive to employers and gives the students insight to what a career in the industry will look like.


Established organizations utilize CA to create and implement real campaigns for their companies. CA aids nonprofits and corporate groups through the simplicity of an engaging tweet, all the way through full interactive campaign events.


Bragging rights are not reserved for the football team alone. Alabama’s CA is setting the bar high in prestige recognition.

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